Play: The 4-Letter Word You Need to Add to Your Marriage

Why playing together can drastically change your marriage!

Did you know that there are huge psychological benefits to play? Sadly, many adults forget how to engage in playing behaviors and instead live a life of work, work, work. If your marriage is void of play, you’ll probably find that you just don’t enjoy it too much. So, to help you out (since that’s what I love to do), I’m going to tell you the benefits of play and give you some thoughts on how you can have more of it in your marriage.

Play increases your ability to be creative.

Why might creativity be important in marriage? Think back to your last ugly argument or annoyance you had with your spouse. When we lack creativity, we lose the ability to problem-solve. When you can’t solve your couple problems, you start to believe that your marriage is harder than most people’s or that just maybe you married the wrong person. You begin to think that the reason your marriage is tough is because you always argue. Not true, friend. Arguments are quite a bit less painful when you figure out how to come to a solution together and learn how not to have the same argument later. Creativity plays an amazing role in allowing you to think outside of the box, be a team, and fight your problems instead of fighting one another. 

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How to Have a Great Date Night

5 pointers for enjoying your next date night.

Date night is a great way to connect with the person you love. Since dating can help a couple feel closer to one another, I recommend this as a must-have for any couple looking to improve their marriage. Many couples get so busy with life that  they struggle to remember the last time they went on a date or their last memory of a date with each other isn’t a pleasant one. But, done correctly, date night can bring a special closeness in your relationship and increase your positive feelings toward one another. Here are five pointers for making your next dates night a big success:

Date night does not have to occur at night.

While I personally like the way “date night” sounds, date night can actually be in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening. A morning date may be a cup of coffee together, an afternoon might include a walk in the park, and an evening date may mean dinner. Pick a day and time that works well for you and your spouse. Some of my favorite dates with my hubby is an afternoon drinking coffee and reading. It’s a joy of ours to read “alone but together” and occasionally glance at one another, touch each other’s hands, share a new snack, or talk about something interesting from the book. And, when we leave the coffee shop, we often talk about something meaningful or interesting from the book. For us, reading is a great way to pave the way for greater connection. By the way, if you’re looking for some new marriage books, check out this post from earlier this week.

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