One of my long-term colleagues, Jessica Malone, will be joining me to talk to our military men and women about staying connected while one spouse is on deployment.

In her private practice, Spitfire Consulting, Jessica works with military personnel, their spouses, and their families to help them overcome the challenges of military lifestyle. You’re going to love her off the cuff humor and practical tips. Don’t miss this special event because it will only be available for one full week.

Join us live on Thursday, Feb. 15th, from 6-7 PM EST. And, if you can’t join live, register here to get the replay sent to your inbox.


Date:February 15, 2018—February 22, 2018
Time:6:00 - 7:00 PM
Event:Together While Separated: Staying Intimate During Deployment
Topic:Together While Separated: Staying Intimate During Deployment
Registration:Click here to register.

Getting and Keeping the Marriage You Want

Big Tips for Keeping Love and Happiness Alive

Have you ever heard advice from people online about finding love? For most of the people that read this blog, love has been found at some point. Love is why you got married after all. But, there are many couples who wonder what it looks like to have more love and intimacy in their marriage. I’ve written about having a more intimate marriage here and here, and even offer several of these tips in my free guide.

I’m certainly not the only one to write about this. Just earlier today I actually read an ad on Facebook from a woman saying, “Don’t go to marriage counseling! Follow my advice to have the life you want and make your partner fall in love with you over night.” Yes, that’s right. She promises that you can do something now that will revolutionize your relationship over night. Sadly – I just don’t believe that’s possible.

I didn’t sign up for her program and listen to her tips, but I’ve worked with marriages for long enough to know that whether or not you go to marriage counseling, change doesn’t happen over night. Marriage can be pretty difficult for a number of reasons, but it can still be really great as well. Having a positive perspective of your spouse will help you have a more fulfilling marriage.

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I Don’t Always Send Surveys About Marriage, But When I do…

A One-Question Survey About Marriage

When I tell people that I’m a Christian psychologist that specializes in marriage counseling and sex, I always get a question or two.

So, today – I’m reminding you that I love helping couples enjoy their marriage.

See, I get what it’s like to feel like marriage is extremely hard work (I’ve written about it on this blog), and I understand what it’s like to find healing and fun in marriage.

Believe me, the fun marriage is WAY better than the hard marriage.

So, I want to know your big question regarding communication, conflict resolution, and sex.

No question is off limits here and it’s completely anonymous. I’ll be asking for your email so I can let you know what those top questions were and to give you my feedback. I’m not tracking who said what and you’re not being added to an email list (unless of course you ask me to add you).  🙂

It would be super-duper helpful if you’d click here to fill out my One Question Marriage Survey.

UPDATE: The survey has now closed and I’m rummaging through all of the responses to bring you awesome content related to your questions. I’ve already started planning some of it out and can hardly wait to share with you. So many of you had the same few questions!!!

If you want to make sure you get updated when I release the info, join my VIP list. Not only will you be the first to hear about the latest and greatest, but you’ll also get my free guide all about increasing the intimacy in your marriage. Click here to join!

Be blessed, friend!

3 Tips for Building a Strong Marriage

I really hate divorce! Like, seriously…HATE divorce. It’s truly heart-breaking to see two people who used to be so in love with one another that they committed to a lifetime together get to the place where they can say, “I just don’t want to be with you. Maybe I never did.” For couples in this position, they’ve typically had a slow build up of disappointments and unhappiness leading to this stage. The good news is you can put some protective factors in place so that you don’t become one of those couples.

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Breakfast With Bacon Radio Show

Love, marriage, sex (and who knows what else) :)

I recently had the opportunity to meet Dr. Christine Bacon, host of Breakfast With Bacon. Her radio show is dynamic! She has had some great guests on that have talked about topics such as marriage, relationships, conversion, forgiveness, parenting and so many other important life concerns! Dr. Bacon is incredibly friendly and kind. From just moments on the phone with her I’m sure we would have a blast hanging out over a cup of coffee.

She has invited me to be a guest on her program this Friday at 11 AM EST. If you’re local, you can listen in at AM 111o. If you’re not local, or if you just prefer the web, listen in at It’s sure to be a great show as we talk all about love, marriage, and sex from a Christian perspective. If you’ve been curious how a Christian therapist can talk about marriage and sex, you do not want to miss this! You’re in for an encouraging and uplifting message for sure.

Update: It was so much fun being a radio show guest and we really hit it off. We talked a little about what got me started as a therapist, what spurred my interest in sex therapy, and a little about the affair recovery process. We both have a heart for working with those that have been through affairs so you are not going to want to miss that discussion. We also talked briefly about hook-up culture and the issues with that lifestyle. Listen in to the replay right here:

Don’t forget, you can ask anonymous questions right here on the site or on Dr. Bacon’s site. We’re looking forward to making this a regular event and answering the top questions anonymously. 🙂