How Does Sexual Abuse Impact Those You Love?

Statistics about sexual abuse are absolutely staggering. It saddens me that so many people feel alone in the process of healing from sexual abuse. It’s no secret that sexual abuse often hasn’t been described well and even with the very worthy #MeToo movement, people often have a hard time understanding exactly what abuse does to a person. While the video below in no way tries to explain abuse, I believe that sharing some of my own thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of those I’ve worked with will add a touch of understanding to the problem of abuse.

After you’ve watched, I encourage you to sign up for our latest webinar. My friend and colleague, Meichell Worthing, will be joining to talk to us specifically about healing from the damaging effects of abuse. This will be an important watch for anyone who has survived sexual abuse and anyone who is in a relationship with someone that has been abused. Hope you can make it!

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Current stats say that every 98 seconds, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. That equals more than 570 people…Every. Single. Day.

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I have shared on a few occasions about my sexual abuse history. I’m determined to share when necessary and walk in freedom in always so that I might be able to show a few others that healing from sexual abuse is absolutely possible.

I have a friend and colleague, Meichell Worthing (Licensed Professional Counselor) who believes like I do, that Jesus can bring complete healing. In this webinar, we’re going to talk about the ways you can work through your own healing process if you’ve ever been through sexual abuse.

This information will be helpful if you’ve ever been through sexual abuse, or if you love someone that has been abused. If this speaks to you, I encourage you to join. You don’t want to miss the education that Meichell will provide.

Update: This webinar has ended, but you can see the replay right here!

Date:February 22, 2018
Time:6:00 p.m.
Event:When Jesus Takes Your #METOO
Topic:When Jesus Takes Your #METOO
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How Happy Couples Turn Past Trauma Into An Intimate Connection

Using your marriage to heal the pain of past sexual abuse

The last several days, weeks, and months have been significant reminders of the trauma that exists in our world and in the lives of many, many people. From the #metoo movement to the recent trial and imprisonment of Dr. Larry Nassar, more than a few men and women have been reminded of their own sexual abuse and trauma. With current stats saying that every 98 seconds someone in the US is sexually assaulted equalling more than 570 people every single day, I expect that very few couples exist where both individuals were able to completely avoid sexual trauma while growing up.

According to Dr. Diane Langberg, licensed psychologist and a well-known expert in trauma and recovery, sexual abuse can cause damage to one’s physical body, emotional self, relationships, and spirituality. Those that have endured sexual abuse know this full well. Sexual abuse can lead to a lack of trust in your marriage or a strong desire to avoid intimacy. It can cause you to shut down instead of sharing yourself or can cause you to believe lies that can rob you of the union that God wants you to have in marriage.

Even so, many survivors of sexual abuse have learned to walk in healing and closely connect to their spouse. Here are some ways that they do that.

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The Discomfort of Intimacy

I used to know this girl that had experienced some pretty bad relationships and some sexual abuse in her past. She worked hard to “work through” all of that. She was in therapy for a couple of years, journaled pretty consistently, spent more hours in prayer than could be counted and shed even more tears than that as she worked tirelessly on trying to get to a place of sanity.

She had finally come to the place where she felt as though her past no longer had a hold on her. She could admit that she’d had some bad relationships but was also able to acknowledge that good relationships could exist and she was actually able to have one herself. Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of her. It wasn’t long after walking into this place of healing that she met and fell in love with the man who is now her husband. The cool part of this story is that if you ask either one of them, they’ll tell you that they have a solid marriage, they’re happy, and they love each other. Sounds like a fairy tale love story doesn’t it?

Not really. Not if you know about the pain that was involved in the first year of marriage. In fact, from her perspective, their first year of marriage was quite often filled with needless arguments, shame from her past, guilt at not being a “good wife,” pretty consistent anger at her husband, and a palpable fear that her marriage was just one more example of a relationship she couldn’t do well.

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