14 Words of Encouragement For Your Spouse

Did you know that you never get too old for encouraging words! In fact, words of encouragement work for just about everyone. We all have a desire to know that we’re loved, cared for, and that our thoughts and opinions matter. But for some, coming up with just what to say can be a real challenge, especially if words are not really how you typically express yourself. Well, we’re here to help with that. Check out our list of 14 encouraging things to say to your spouse.


1. You are an amazing husband/wife to me!


2. You are such a great father/mother/furry baby father/furry baby mother!


3. I am so proud of you for… [fill in the blank with any accomplishment your spouse achieved, no matter how big or how small it may be].


4. Whenever I feel down, all I have to do is see your smiling face, and I instantly feel a little better.


5. I am here for you each and every day, from celebrating you and your accomplishments to comforting you on a discouraging day.


6. Thank you for… [fill in the blank for something you appreciate your spouse doing for you].


7. You’ve had a busy day. Why don’t you relax while I…( take the dog for a walk/watch the kids for a bit/make dinner tonight/wash the dishes/any task that your spouse would normally do but may be too stressed out to do)?


8. I love it when you…(anything your spouse has done that you would like him or her to continue doing, such as giving you a hug when you come home from work).


9. I am so proud of you for…[Any good news your spouse may share-new promotion, finished project, helped a record number of patients]. Tell me all about it!


10. I’m not nervous about you passing your test/getting that promotion/anything that makes your spouse nervous about the result after putting in a lot of effort to accomplish. You got this!


11. Only a few more hours/days/weeks/months until I get to see you. I am so excited to wrap my arms around you!


12. I’m so glad you’re home. I missed you!


13. I’m so glad I listened to you; you give great advice!


14. I am so thankful to have you in my life.


Remember, these are just suggestions. Make sure that you use these statements as a springboard for your own comments and change the wording as necessary so they fit the way you typically talk.


Blessing on you and your marriage as you work to encourage your spouse and remind them how much they are appreciated. 

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