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Becoming One is our premium, top-notch marital intimacy improvement experience and it’s just for married Christians. We use the Yada Method™ to bring you the personalized approach that you find in the typical counseling session in combination with the strength-based approach of marriage coaching and the flexibility of online learning. This means that you get an experience unlike any other that speaks to your specific need and offers you everything you need to see your marital intimacy improve. If you’ve been looking for a way to have better sex in your Christian marriage, you’re in the right place!

Here’s What You’ll Get

Module 1: Setting your sexpectations

In module one, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do for success in this course and sexcess in your marriage. I’ll walk you through the questions that you need to ask your spouse and yourself so that you have the sex life you’ve been hoping for. You’ll also learn about developing a theology of sex so you can know you’re honoring God with your sex lives and honoring one another. Finally, we’ll end module one by talking about what to do if messages of shame have been standing in the way of you enjoying marital oneness.

Module 2: Let’s Talk About Sex

Module two helps you develop a language about sex that’s enjoyable and exciting for you. You’ll learn how to be comfortable expressing your sexual desires to your spouse and you’ll learn how to talk about them in ways that they can be received. Your spouse will be learning these tips too, which means that you’ll both be in a much better position to have conversations that benefit you. You’ll also be learning about some of the biggest myths that couples believe that actually hurts their sex lives.

Module 3: Sex is Physical

In module three, you’ll learn all about the physical aspects of sex, including specific steps to take if something in the physical relationship isn’t working well. This includes problems with erection, ejaculation, orgasm, sexual pain, or sexual desire levels that are causing you distress. We’ll also talk about body image and how to have confidence in yourself during sex.

Module 4: Sex is Emotional

We’ll take a deep dive into the emotional aspects of sex in module four. You’ll leave this lesson with a better understanding of why you sometimes don’t feel connected with sex or connected enough to have sex. We’ll touch on mental health concerns that can cause difficulties, as well as messages we hear from others that can cause people to have discomfort with sex. If you know in you head that sex is a gift but haven’t really experienced sex as a gift, you are really going to love this lesson.

Module 5: Sex is Spiritual

After tackling the physical and emotional aspects of sex, module 5 will be all about why God gave us sex and how we can grow more Christ-like when we practice healthy sexuality in marriage. You’ll develop a big picture view of sex in marriage and learn how to think about sexuality at a deeper level than “what can I and can’t I do in the bedroom.” You’ll also learn what to do if you need God to restore you or bring you healing from sexual mistakes and concerns.

Module 6: Practical Tips for Enjoying Sex More

There are plenty of bloggers, therapists, and coaches that will bring you sex tips but as you’ll see in module six, laying the foundation from modules 1-5 will give you a much better understanding of what tips actually work in YOUR unique relationship. This module will give you practical tips and education to make sex pleasurable for you both. This module is heavy on the physical component, but will also have tips for emotional and spiritual connection with sex.

Think This Might Be For You?

Look, I’ve already told you that this is a premium experience like you’ll get nowhere else. But, this course isn’t for everyone. Before you sign up, I want to help you make sure that this is your next best move. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before getting started:

  1. Are we fully committed to our marriage and intimacy?
    This course heavily focuses on the sexual relationship and I’m operating under the assumption that the two of you don’t have major conflicts that you’re working through. While all couples have some communication difficulties and occasional disagreements, this experience is not likely to benefit you if you’re having great difficulty in multiple domains of your marriage.
  2. Are we okay with not having hourly one-on-one meetings with a therapist?
    I’m a licensed psychologist in the state of Virginia and a certified Christian sex therapist, but what we do here is not the same as therapy. You will get a personalized approach that is specific to your concern while also getting all of the top tips I give my couples, but we will not be meeting weekly for one-on-one sessions like the traditional counseling format. While many love this approach, if you’re looking for one-on-one weekly counseling sessions you’re not likely to feel like this is meeting your need.
  3. Do we want a Christian approach to our marital intimacy?
    Let me make myself clear: Being a Christian is not a prerequisite for joining this experience. However, each lesson is created through the lens of my Christian faith and values. This means that we will talk openly about God’s expectations for us as husbands and wives and we’ll point back to a desire to be more Christ-like in our sexual behaviors and attitudes. If you don’t agree with a Christian approach, you’ll likely feel like this content doesn’t really resonate with you.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started or if you have just a few more questions before you decide if this experience is right for you, let’s jump on a quick call. On our call, you’ll get the chance to tell me a little bit about your current struggles and specifically what help you’re looking for. If this course can support you in your journey to a more fulfilling sex life, I’ll let you know on the call and you can get started. If I think that you’ll benefit more from a different approach, I’ll let you know that as well. We’ll all decide together what our next step should be.

Alright then – if you’re ready, you can scheduling a call here.