Three Things You’d Learn If You Went to a Sex Therapist

Let me start by saying I’m speaking from a Christian world-view. I can only speculate what you might learn if you just pick a random sex therapist to talk to. What I’m sharing here is what you would learn if you went to a Christian sex therapist. So, if you’ve wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall, or what exactly sex therapists do (and if one can really be a Christian), wonder no more. While this is not a complete list by any means, here are three significant things you would learn if you went to a Christian sex therapist.

#1: God loves sex

Oh yeah. We’re gonna go there. God created sex. Sex was not some cool idea that Adam and Eve came up with one day and then God was like, “oh…so you’re going to use those parts for that? Hmmm…that isn’t really what I was thinking when I made you two.” Now, I’m not saying in any way that sex was God’s main purpose for your genitals, but He clearly made sex to be enjoyed. (By the way, if you’re not enjoying sex with your spouse, that is certainly one of the things that a sex therapist can help with). If we weren’t supposed to enjoy sex, God wouldn’t have given us this incredible thing known as an orgasm (again…something a sex therapist can help you to achieve in your marriage if that hasn’t happened yet).

#2: If you’re using porn, we’re going to have a talk about why you shouldn’t.

We have no problem telling you that porn is a big no-no. In fact, porn is bringing another person into your relationship. Sure, you may not know that person’s name and you’re not likely to run into them when you’re filling your car up with gas, but that person is 100% real (minus any air-brushing, complimenting lighting, and angles that make them look cellulite-free). Your marriage will NEVER get better, nor will you ever experience “becoming one” when you add a third party. Sex is to be between the two of you and only after marriage. A sex therapist’s office is a safe place where we’ll teach you about setting boundaries both in and outside of your marriage.

#3: We’ll help you give appropriate weight to sex.

The problem with our sex-saturated culture is that it causes us to forget that God has a standard for our sexuality. Your body belongs to your spouse and your spouse’s belongs to you. That means that everyone else out there belongs to somebody else.

Sex is holy, which simply means “set apart.” When you look at someone else’s naked body whom you are not married to, you have just denied the truth that sex is set apart as an activity between married couples.

But, don’t forget point one. God loves sex in its rightful place and you really should delight in your spouse’s body. If you come to sex therapy, we’re going to help you learn how to avoid acting out on sinful desires (sex outside of marriage), while fully embracing the beautiful and awesome experience that sex within marriage provides.

*Bonus!!! Here’s a fourth thing you’d learn!*

#4: You’ll learn that God can restore the sexually broken (and loves to do so).

Most of us have some sort of brokenness when it comes to our sexuality. That brokenness may stem from negative messages about sex that you’re still trying to rid yourself from, to sexual trauma or affair recovery, to infertility struggles or miscarriage, and to sexual difficulties like problems with orgasm, sexual pain, or erectile issues.

None of that is off the table when you work with a sex therapist. We’re trained to verbally walk you through the necessary steps so you and your spouse can work together as a couple to restore any brokenness that exists.

We’re also more than happy to pray God’s healing touch over your life, your marriage, and your sexual intimacy. We know that we serve the God who created all of our parts and knit us together in our mother’s womb and we love to help you understand how much he cares about all aspects of your life.

As always, my prayer for you is that you experience all the joy and wonder that sex should be in your marriage!

Blessings on you, your marriage, and your sex life,

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