Fully Well Videos

Do you prefer to watch and listen instead of reading? This is the place to be! We have short videos you can see in 15 minutes or less and some longer interview videos that give you a chance to learn from more than one expert at a time.

Foreplay Tips for the Christian Couple

Has your foreplay been feeling a little more like snore-play? There is hope! Foreplay should be a fun and exciting time for the Christian couple.

My Husband Gropes Me Too Much!

You want affection but your husband just gropes. What to do?!

This is a combination of an older video that talks about how to enjoy the groping a little more as well as some new info if you’re triggered by his groping.

Theology of Sex: What Is And Isn't OK For The Christian?

It’s impossible to fully work on your sex life without knowing what you believe about  sex in marriage. It’s a little more complicated than “don’t when your single and do when you’re married.” So, let’s take a deeper dive with this video.

A Christian Approach to Working on Your Sex Life

Having some difficulty in your marital intimacy? You’re not alone. Many, many people have some difficulty at some point. But, there’s a helpful approach to working on your sex life that you can learn today.

Anger and Communication in Marriage

This is a Fb live video where I answered a couple of group member’s questions:

How do we communicate better if there has been a lot of anger in our marriage?

"Compromising" in your marriage.

I had someone ask me recently, “How do we compromise and still have a cheerful heart?”

Truthfully, I don’t know that our typical definition of compromise is really what we need to aim for. I’ve got a slightly different take on that.

5 Reasons Your Marriage Is Suffering

Here’s your gameplan for a more intimate marriage.

Marriage can definitely be difficult at times and there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, but every married Christian deserves a deeply intimate marriage that helps them feel connected to their spouse. Afterall, marriage was designed to be a reflection of Christ and the Church. That means marriage should connect us to one another and help us better understand the goodness of God. This guide will give you practical steps for making that happen.

I'm often asked who I would recommend as a Christian sex therapist since I've been researching, writing, and podcasting about healthy sexuality through a Christian lens for nearly a decade. There's never a hesitation, I always recommend Dr. Jessica. I've interacted with Jessica on a professional and personal level. Her warmth and authenticity put me at ease and I know it's the same with her clients. She is constantly learning from the research, incorporating evidence based therapeutics into her practice. This means she always has her clients in mind, wanting to help them with more than just platitudes. No one wants to hear, "just have sex more often," when you are in emotional or physical pain. Dr. Jessica takes your complaints seriously and because of her depth and breadth of knowledge, will be able to point you in the direction of healing. And here's the coolest part, because she deeply cares for her clients and their welfare, if something comes up is a bit of a puzzle, she will tenaciously find resources to help you. I will continue to readily share Dr. Jessica's name with any who ask me for a Christian sex therapist.

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