If you’re ready to go from simply believing that sex is a gift from God, to actually experiencing that truth, Fully Well has everything you need to get started on your journey.

Becoming One Program

Our premium program, Becoming One, gives you on-demand access to even more information than you would receive in sex therapy. Through video lessons and coaching, you receive education and tips to work on your intimate relationship. But seriously, it’s much more than that!

Intimacy Coaching

Our intimacy coaching packages prioritize the flexibility of appointments and treatment interventions that work for your specific situation. Our coaching program is our most flexible and streamlined option for meeting your goals.  

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specific type of counseling that focuses primarily on sexual concerns or issues in marriage. While we work on the marriage in tandem, our specific goal is to overcome sexual barriers and seek improvement in the sexual relationship. 

Becoming One: Practical Tips for Increasing Marital Intimacy




Jessica combines Biblical teaching, keen insight, and real-life experiences to help couples attain intimacy in marriage. Through her teaching and her gift of encouragement and uncanny ability to offer hope, Jessica has given me the tools and the confidence that I too can have a marriage that will thrive!
Karla O
Wells Fargo, USA

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