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We know how important it is to have a marriage and sex life that is deeply fulfilling to you as a couple and God-honoring at the same time. We also understand that for some couples, the typical approach of hour-long sessions 2-4 times a month simply doesn’t seem doable.

This is one reason why online education is rapidly becoming one of the best ways for people to get immediate access to the help that they’re looking for, and this includes help for your marital intimacy.

At Fully Well, we don’t believe that you have to choose between a “professional course from a therapist” or a Biblically-based perspective. That’s why we combine educational perspectives about human behavior and the social sciences while also proudly proclaiming God’s word as the standard for a healthy marriage and sex life.

E-Courses are similar to therapy in their ability to help couples improve their marriage and intimacy. But, they offer several advantages that are not available with counseling sessions.

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Flexibility in your schedule:

One of the greatest benefits of online courses is the flexibility that they allow. You don’t have to worry about the availability of a therapist or if you’re going to be able to get your schedules to line up perfectly. You also don’t have to worry about leaving work during your normal business hours, and if you’re doing this with your spouse, you don’t have to make sure that you’re on the same schedule. And, a huge benefit here is that you typically have access within a couple of hours of signing up for the course. For busy couples, this flexibility and immediate access is a must.

Lifetime access to training material:

Educational courses offer you a system of learning that you actually own for a lifetime. This can be really great if you’re likely to forget some of the lessons and know that you’ll need an occasional refresher of the material. If you’re doing traditional therapy, you’d need to record all of your sessions AND remember what was learned in each appointment to go back and listen again. This is a pretty impossible task for most of us. E-courses, on the other hand, not only give you access to the material but also label it well. If you needed to remember how your instructor talked about a specific concern, you just head back to that video lesson and watch it one more time. And, if you and your spouse disagree about how an assignment should be handled, you can re-watch that lesson together. Just make sure nobody says “I told you so” after rewatching. 😉

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Access just requires a decent Internet connection:

A huge benefit to online marriage courses is that all you really need is an Internet connection. Even if you’re in a public place, a good set of earbuds will give you the privacy you need to learn on the go. You can literally listen on your drive to work, while you’re at the gym, or even when you’re doing chores.

Location flexibility:

What an incredible world we live in, right? One of the biggest benefits to online courses is that you’re not limited to the expertise that’s within driving distance to your home or work. As long as you speak English, you can take a marriage course through Fully Well literally anywhere that you live.


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Tips for Success With E-Courses:

First of all, if you’re going to use an e-course as your primary form of marriage help, make sure that you schedule the times that you’ll work on the course and the times you’ll do a check in with your spouse. Make these times sacred by prioritizing them and letting nothing else get in the way of your learning time or your check-in time.

Secondly, if at all possible, get your spouse’s buy-in. When a couple decides to go through the course together, there’s a much higher chance of success. Set yourself up as strongly as possible by deciding together that you’re both wanting to start this journey.

Finally, if you’re going through the course and you find that you have some difficulty understanding some of the concepts, reach out for some help. There are check-in times wrapped into the course and you don’t want to miss out on these. They can become your best step forward as you work on your marriage and intimacy.

Taking those steps, even though they might take some time, will make it much more likely that you will benefit from online marriage courses.

Everyone Deserves an Amazing, Intimate Connection With Their Spouse

But here’s the problem


You don’t feel like you have the time to work on your marriage.


You haven’t found a therapist you trust to help.


You have a difficult time talking about sex with your spouse.


Your work schedule doesn’t really allow for appointments during the day.


A Christian approach is important to you, but nobody in your area offers that.


You no longer feel like you have time to wait for someone’s next available appointment.
E-courses from Fully Well allow you to take the learning process into your own hands with immediate availability and life-time access to all of the training and tips that you would receive in the office while giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace.

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All of our courses offer you practical and actionable steps to use right away!


Our courses feature lifetime access so you can go at your own pace.

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Rest assured, our courses are packed with our best content. You deserve that!

If you want to have a meaningful relationship with your spouse, then I would highly recommend taking Dr. McCleese's course and applying what you discover. You'll gain practical tips and insights for improving your connection, intimacy, conflict resolution and so much more. Dr. McCleese shares a fresh perspective to topics very much needed today. With so many couples who seem to struggle with connection, it is vital to learn and apply the content shared here.

Chris Hulson
Tulsa, USA

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