Why Isn’t the Church Talking About Sex More Often?

I recently had an opportunity to join a pastor friend of mine, David Barringer, for his Marriage Monday series. We spent just about half an hour talking about sex in marriage. 

Some of our main topics during this talk:

  1. Why doesn’t the church talk about sex more often?
  2. What if sex isn’t great in marriage?
  3. What if our sex drives change after having children?
  4. What happens when our sex drives are different from one another?

We talk through all of those points and a few more. And, in all of this we talk about who Christ is in our marriage and how we show Christ-like love in our sex lives.

Tune in by clicking below!

Talking sex again…this time with Jessica McCleese #MarriageMonday

Posted by David Barringer on Monday, May 25, 2020

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