What Sex Can and Should Look Like in the Christian Marriage

Webinar Replay with Dr. Jessica and J. Parker

J. Parker from Hot, Holy, and Humorous joined me a few days ago to talk about what sex looks like in the Christian marriage.

We both agree that Christians often believe that sex should be naturally easy and fulfilling for married couples. In reality, many couples struggle to feel connected and to enjoy one another. In this webinar, we talk about how couples can aim to increase their joy in their marriage bed.

You can see the video right here. 🙂

Book Review for A Stronger Knot: A New Favorite Marriage Book

Plus a chance to win a free copy!!!!

One of the greatest things about having colleagues that support healthy marriages is the occasional invitation to read a book before it even hits the stores. I’ve actually been given this opportunity many times over. Sometimes, this book-lover has to turn down these invites because I get a lot of requests to read material and I just don’t always have the time to devote to it. By the way, if anyone knows of a job where I can just sit around and read books all day, send me an email so I can apply. 🙂

I’m putting my stamp of approval on this one!

Like I said, I don’t have nearly enough time to read all of the wonderful material that my colleagues and other marriage proponents are writing, but when Aaron gave me the opportunity to read his book, A Stronger Knot, and send my thoughts, I quickly agreed. Aaron and I have had the opportunity to do a couple of webinars together where we’ve talked about establishing healthy boundaries and where we’ve discussed how to handle sexual desire differences in marriage. And, we have plans to do some more work together in the future. This is how I knew, even before reading A Stronger Knot, that there would be some great content in his book.

By the way – I never endorse something that I haven’t experienced myself. I just can’t allow myself to share a resource I don’t fully believe in. And, if I share a resource that I only mostly like, you’re going to get a disclaimer about it.

Aaron’s book is gold! I’m such a big fan of this book, that I’ve already got two copies coming to me. One for me to keep (I just had an unpublished electronic version when I reviewed it) and one to give away to one of you. Deets on the giveaway at the bottom of this blog. 

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I’m excited to have Julie Sibert from Intimacy in Marriage join me for our webinar! We’re going to be talking about three ways that the church gets sex wrong and how you can make it right. We’ll be working to dispel some of the messages that you might have heard in church that either did not go far enough, or that have been a little misleading. We’re going to be championing for healthy marriages and for an intimate sexual connection. We fully believe that Christians should be having an awesome sex life AND we believe that it is completely possible. Join us to learn some truths about sex and some tips for increasing the bond in your marriage. By the way…Julie has a special gift for one lucky listener. Tune in for your chance to win!

Register right here!!!!

Date:February 8, 2018
Time:1:00 PM EST
Event:3 Ways the Church Gets Sex Wrong (and how you can make sure you get it right)
Topic:3 Ways the Church Gets Sex Wrong AND How You Can Get It Right!
Registration:Click here to register.

I had a great time on the webinar with Ruth from Awaken Love. We talked about some of the differences that exist between men and women and some of the ways that we can strengthen our relationship through those differences. We also talked about God’s design for our sex lives.

I received feedback that the webinar was really helpful and that we spoke to key issues that women were facing. You can check out our replay by watching the video above.

After you watch the video, feel free to leave us some comments. And, don’t forget to head on over to Ruth’s page to learn more about her Awaken Love Class for women that are looking to improve the sexual connection they have with their husbands.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stay Married

Research can be so confusing! Depending on what you read about divorce, you may see stats that divorce happens in 50% of marriages, or that the majority of couples stay married. You can also find research that says happiness levels go down after marriage (particularly for women) or that marriage quite possibly leads to greater satisfaction with life overall. Like I said, marriage research is confusing. How many couples actually stay together and how many of them can truly say that they are happily married?

Marriage is definitely a relationship that can have its ups and downs. Life difficulties can cause stresses that can draw you closer or cause you to withdraw from one another. And while many couples can admit that marriage is sometimes tough, for those that are committed to working with one another, marriage can be a pretty fulfilling relationship.

Scripture certainly gives allowance for divorce if the other person leaves. And, many theologians agree that affairs constitute “leaving” the marriage. But no matter your particular theological position on divorce, we have to admit that Scripture gives just a few reasons for divorce. But, I don’t believe that this is simply so we will stay married. There is a higher calling for the Christian than “not divorcing” your spouse. 

Three Reasons Not To Stay Married

1. To be obedient to God’s word

I 100% believe that we should be obedient to God’s word. We should read our Bibles and do our best to live according to those principles. But, marriage actually calls for the coming together of two fleshes or “becoming one” with your partner. When you say, “I do” it really means “I will.”

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