Helping Christian Couples
Increase Intimacy

Fully Well helps couples have a Christ-centered marriage and an intimate connection so they can honor God and one another.

Closer Friendship

Deeper Intimacy

Genuine Oneness

Everyone Deserves An Amazing Intimate Marriage

But here's the problem


We argue over everything.


We feel like good roommates.


We just don’t get each other.


We have no time to work on our marriage.


We have nothing in common.


We’re not very sexually compatible.

Fully Well has everything you need to start the process of growing your martial intimacy and building the relationship you’re designed for. We believe Christian couples can enjoy their intimacy and we help you do just that. 

5 Reasons Your Marriage Is Suffering

Here’s your gameplan for a more intimate marriage.

Marriage can definitely be difficult at times and there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, but every married Christian deserves a deeply intimate marriage that helps them feel connected to their spouse. Afterall, marriage was designed to be a reflection of Christ and the Church. That means marriage should connect us to one another and help us better understand the goodness of God. This guide will give you practical steps for making that happen.


Looking to improve your marriage or your marital intimacy?
We offer different options so you can pick the one
that best serves your need.

Couple’s Counseling

$300/per hour

45-minute sessions with Dr. McCleese. The focus may be on communication skills, conflict resolution, and/or enhancing your emotional and physical intimacy.

Premium Intimacy Program


Lifetime access to all of the education I provide couples during the sex therapy process with on-demand videos you watch at your leisure. Extra support is provided for concepts that require a bit more coaching.


Pastor Barringer and his wife
Every marriage faces issues that need outside help. With so many conflicting and confusing thoughts about marriage, and specifically marital sexuality, there is a need for intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful voices to speak into couples. Dr. Jessica McCleese is one of them. Her approach not only embraces a healthy philosophy of marriage and sexuality but also equips couples with a practical path to reconnect and grow together. If you are needing your marriage to reconnect, I would highly recommend talking with Dr. Jessica.
Pastor David Barringer

Getting Started Is Easy

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You can choose counseling with Dr. McCleese, counseling with a student, or our premium coaching program.

Fill Out Our Form

Complete our form by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button. That will give us the information we need to set you up with the services that fit you best.

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Here are some of the most common, frequently asked questions. Click on a question to reveal how Fully Well answers each.

I want to work with you. Which service should I choose?
I want to work with you. Which service should I choose?

First, decide where you need the most work. Is it your marriage or are there specific concerns about your intimacy?

If you find that you’re both feeling pretty disconnected from one another, finding that you can’t seem to communicate well, or that most of your “communication” ends with you arguing; you’ll want to focus on the marriage as a whole. Marriage counseling with Dr. McCleese or with her student will be your best option. This is an option that is only available to people living in the state of Virginia.

If your marriage feels pretty strong but your sexual relationship has been difficult or the source of your frustrations, you’ll want to make your intimate relationship your primary focus. For those in the state of Virginia, you have the option of counseling services with Dr. McCleese or one of her students, or to complete our premium program, Becoming One.

Counseling sessions are just under an hour and most couples find that two times a month seems to be the most effective frequency if they are not in crisis.

Our premium program is on-demand and brings you all of the education that you would typically experience in a counseling session. In fact, you actually get more training and access to helpful skills than you would receive in the process of therapy. This program is specifically designed to help you improve your marital intimacy and is only a good fit if you’re both feeling pretty satisfied with your marriage other than the sexual connection.

To get a better understanding of each of these services, please see our separate pages for sex therapy and Becoming One: Premium Program.

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Is Becoming One right for me?
Is Becoming One right for me?

Our premium course, Becoming One, is absolutely everything you need to take you from believing that sex is a gift from God to finally experiencing that truth. But, this program isn’t for everyone.

You’ll need a touch of self-discipline and time management to complete the program. While I’m with you the entire way of the journey, you’re not going to have the same type of accountability that you would have in the counseling office where a therapist sets a date and time for you to meet. This means that you must be disciplined on your own to get the most benefit from our program.

If you have the necessary discipline, our program can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • You’ll save (lots of) money.
    Typically, my couples work with me for about a year to a year and a half. At twice-monthly sessions and $300 an hour, couples can easily pay over $7K before they wrap up.
  • You’ll save time and energy.
    With traditional counseling, quite a bit of time can be lost in the actual session with going through the details of your last disagreement or big concern. This eats up precious time for actually working toward a solution.
  • You have more access to my expertise than my weekly clients.
    My weekly clients see me for an hour a week (or every other week), but in our premium program, you get weekly Q&A time, consultation sessions, and access to me via e-mail and text for any quick questions you have. Not only that, since you’re receiving the initial information via educational videos, you get to use your time with me to dive deeper into any concepts you’re struggling with instead of having to use our time together to learn the concepts. 

Want to know even more of the benefits? See this page for more info. 🙂

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What Are Your Fees?
What Are Your Fees?

The most important question, right?!

Sessions with Dr. McCleese are $300 an hour and that fee is due at the time of service. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

My students see clients at $100 a session. They are under my direct supervision and work with a variety of relationship and personal concerns. My students have a Master’s degree and several hours of direct face-to-face client care prior to working in my practice and they are currently working on their doctorate degrees.

There is certainly a significant difference in the pricing structure between Dr. McCleese and her students. This is because there is a significant difference in the level of training and experience between Dr. McCleese and her students. One of the benefits of seeing a student is that your student will be working directly under Dr. McCleese and has therefore benefited from the one-on-one training that Dr. McCleese provides. For those that cannot afford sessions with Dr. McCleese, this can be an acceptable option because it allows you to see a student that can ask Dr. McCleese directly for input on your particular case and can then bring back helpful suggestions.

If you are interested in learning more about working with my students, complete our form and note that you are interested in working with a student.

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Why do I need to complete your form before we schedule?
Why do I need to complete your form before we schedule?

I have a deep desire to help Christian couples experience a closer and more intimate connection with one another and I am convinced that God wants this for couples as well. 

I also fully believe that couples will see the biggest benefits when they’ve picked the service that is most appropriate for their situation. 

I use this form as a “preliminary screener” to understand where you are and exactly what you need from me. Sometimes, this form is enough for us to go ahead and schedule a session. Oftentimes, it is simply the best way for me to understand where you’re coming from so I can quickly let you know how I would work with you. We can then decide together if we want to move forward with a working relationship. 

The best results will always be because we’re both confident that this is the next best step forward. Our form helps make that clear. If you’re interested in working together, you can complete our form here

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Is Counseling Worth the Time, Effort, and Expense?
Is Counseling Worth the Time, Effort, and Expense?

Counseling is certainly a difficult process. It requires a commitment to meeting with your therapist, time outside of the session to practice the new skills you are learning, a good amount of energy to practice making changes, and a fee every time you come to session. Though the cost can be high, the cost for not seeking services is typically much greater and felt for a longer amount of time. Not seeking services could mean the loss of your marriage, less time with your children, greater financial stress, loss of your home, or even loss of important friendships and community. For some, there can even be a loss of job if personal concerns are starting to affect them outside of the session. In deciding if you are ready to commit to the process of counseling, it can be helpful to assess the cost of not going along with the cost of engaging in services.

If the financial burden seems overwhelming right now or if you’re looking for a less time-consuming approach, check out this article.

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Will My Insurance Cover These Services?
Will My Insurance Cover These Services?

I have chosen to operate as a cash-pay practice only. I have two main reasons for doing so:

(1) Working with insurance companies means that I have to plan my treatment around what insurance companies believe is the quickest and most effective form of treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies have no education or training regarding mental health concerns and their primary goal is to spend less, not provide you with more time. For this reason, insurance companies cannot possibly be aware of what services you need or how many sessions it will take for you to reach your goals.

(2) Unfortunately, insurance companies reimburse very little for services and it takes a great deal of time to complete necessary paperwork for reimbursement. This means that I would need to load up my schedule with clients to keep my business open. If I were to do that, my clients would suffer the consequences because I would not be able to give them appropriate attention they need.

Insurance may partially reimburse you for these services. If you are interested in knowing if insurance will reimburse, call them and ask them the following: “Do you provide reimbursement for out of network providers?” If yes, ask them: “What is the reimbursement rate per unit for 90791 (this is your first intake session), for 90834 (individual sessions), and for 90847 (couple sessions).” Also find out if they reimburse for the diagnostic code Z63.0. This code simply means that you will be working on relationship concerns.

Once your insurance company gives you their “reimbursement rate per unit” you will know how much you can expect to receive from them for each session that you attend. Please keep in mind that all fees are due up front and insurance will provide reimbursement (if they’ve agreed to do so) to you after you file all paperwork.

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Why Use Fully Well If Insurance Doesn't Pay?
Why Use Fully Well If Insurance Doesn't Pay?

Many people prefer to use their insurance to seek counseling services which limits them to the providers that accept their insurance. This could potentially mean that they work with someone who has some experience in a large array of situations instead of someone who specializes in a specific area of concern. This is one reason that some people choose to see service providers outside of their insurance benefits. In doing this, they are allowed to choose their provider based on areas of specialty for the provider and a personality match between them and their potential provider.

With the changes in managed care, many people are finding that deductibles are so high that they cannot actually meet them in the span of one year or they find that counseling services are not reimbursable through their insurance. This is particularly true of people seeking marriage counseling or sex therapy as these services are not typically deemed “medically necessary” and therefore not paid for by some insurance companies.

People who choose to see providers in fee-for-service private practice often appreciate the higher level of privacy afforded by those not on insurance panels. For example, since I am not on panels, my notes will not be audited. This means that you will not have to worry about insurance companies looking at the notes I keep regarding your care. Your information (including diagnosis and treatment) stays 100% private, unless I’m required by law to release them. My treatment notes are only accessible to me (and you if you request them). Even when I have students working under me, my notes are secured in locked file cabinets that my students have no access to.

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