Helping Christian Couples
Increase Intimacy

Fully Well helps couples have a Christ-centered marriage and an intimate connection so they can honor God and one another.

Every Married Christian Deserves A Fulfilling Sex Life

But these problems can really get in the way of that


We want sex at very different frequencies.


Sex has become just one more obligation.


Past trauma makes sex difficult to enjoy.


Sometimes sex is just plain painful.


It's hard to believe that God wants good sex for us.


Sex has never actually been good for us.

Fully Well has everything you need to start the process of growing your marital intimacy and building the relationship you’re designed for. We believe Christian couples can enjoy their intimacy and we help you do just that. 

Becoming One: Practical Tips for Increasing Marital Intimacy




Ready for a more fulfilling sex life?

You’re in the right place!

If you and your spouse are determined to work more fully on your intimacy, but you’re not sure what steps to take to go from where you are today to where you want to be, I’d love to talk to you to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

I’m dedicated to helping you reach your goals with a specific solution that is designed just for YOU. If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a call with me so we can chat all about it.

Pastor Barringer and his wife
Every marriage faces issues that need outside help. With so many conflicting and confusing thoughts about marriage, and specifically marital sexuality, there is a need for intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful voices to speak into couples. Dr. Jessica McCleese is one of them. Her approach not only embraces a healthy philosophy of marriage and sexuality but also equips couples with a practical path to reconnect and grow together. If you are needing your marriage to reconnect, I would highly recommend talking with Dr. Jessica.
Pastor David Barringer

Getting Started Is Easy

Chat With Your Spouse

In my experience, having your spouse involved is your best pathway for success. Show your spouse this site and ask if they’re ready to work with you.

Schedule a Call

This will help us make sure we both feel like this is a good fit and it lets me make sure you’re getting the exact services that you actually need. 

Get Started ASAP

If we decide we’re a good fit, you have my guarantee that you’ll be able to get started within 48-business hours of our initial call. Click below to schedule.


Here are some of the most common, frequently asked questions. Click on a question to reveal how Fully Well answers each.

What does it look like to work with Dr. McCleese?
What does it look like to work with Dr. McCleese?

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Virginia and a Certified Christian Sex Therapist. Currently, I’m one of less than 200 Christian sex therapists in the world and one of only 2 in Virginia. 

Since there are so few Christian sex therapists, I’m determined to help as many Christians as possible. Sometimes I do this through weekly sessions (what you would expect from a counseling relationship) while other times I do this through a combination of video-based services, counseling, and coaching.  

Whatever we do together is based on your need and availability for services and is 100% specific to YOU. 

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Why do we need to talk before we schedule?
Why do we need to talk before we schedule?

I have a deep desire to help Christian couples experience a closer and more intimate connection with one another and I am convinced that God wants this for couples as well.

I also fully believe that couples will see the biggest benefits when they’ve picked the service that is most appropriate for their situation.

I use our chat as a “preliminary screener” to understand where you are and exactly what you need from me. It is simply the best way for me to understand where you’re coming from so I can quickly let you know how I would work with you. We can then decide together if we want to move forward with a working relationship.

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Is working together worth the time, effort, and expense?
Is working together worth the time, effort, and expense?

Working on your intimacy is certainly a difficult process. It requires a commitment to learning new skills, practicing the new skills you’re learning, spending a good amount of energy to practice making changes, and an actual monetary expense. Though the cost for services can be high, the cost for not seeking services is typically much greater and felt for a longer amount of time. Usually,  not seeking services means that you’ll either see no change or you’ll see a regression. In deciding if you are ready to commit to the process of working on your sex life, it can be helpful to assess the cost of not going along with the cost of engaging in services.

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