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Fully Well helps committed Christian couples increase satisfaction with their marital intimacy so they can finally experience sex as a fulfilling gift from God.

I believe you really can be one with your spouse

I love that just two chapters into the Bible, we’re told that the two will become one. But, possibly an even greater statement is the one that follows: “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

Most of the time, when I hear people referencing the “naked and unashamed” part of Scripture, they’re talking about freedom in the marriage bed. And while we should all experience that freedom with our spouse, this message actually speaks to a level of vulnerability and wholeness that should be the aim of every Christian marriage.

Hi there! I’m Dr. McCleese.

But, most of the people I work with just call me Jessica. Feel free to do the same. 🙂

I have an interesting story, because unlike many of my classmates in Grad school, I never really intended to be a therapist. In fact, I went to my first Bible college because I was running from yet another painful relationship. I thought that if I got far enough away and started studying to be in ministry of some type, that life would just miraculously work itself out.

That definitely isn’t what happened.

But, over the course of my time in Bible college, I began to feel a stirring from God that he would use me and my bad experiences to give other couples hope. In fact, it was through the process of going through my own therapy that God began to convince me that He is good, that marriage is good, and that sex is good.

All of that has grown into a conviction that God chooses to help us learn more about him through marriage. And in a healthy marriage, marital intimacy is Christ-reflective, healing, and restorative.

If you “know in your head” but not in your heart that marriage and sex are good gifts from God, I encourage you to jump over to our resources page and start learning more about just what this means. In fact, start with our video, “Should a Married Christian ______?” to learn a little bit more about my theology of sex.

Welcome to this site, new friend! You are not here by accident.

My prayer is that this site is a blessing to you, your marriage, and your sex life.

Becoming One: Practical Tips for Increasing Marital Intimacy

Here’s your gameplan for a more fulfilling marriage.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship and this applies to your sex lives as well. Even so every married Christian deserves to experience a deeply intimate marriage that helps them feel connected to their spouse. After all, marriage was designed to be a reflection of Christ and the Church. That means marriage and your marital intimacy should connect you to one another and help you better understand the goodness of God. This guide will give you practical steps for making that happen.

Dr. McCleese is a wonderful clinician who is considered an expert in her field. I have had the privilege of training with her during our early careers and have a great deal of respect for her both personally and professionally. She has become a primary referral source for me when I am looking for resources for couples. I highly recommend her!
Dr. Tuesday Smith
Virginia Beach

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