Want to know a little more about me?

I’m a licensed psychologist with specialized training in sex therapy and sex education from a Christian perspective. I’m just a few months away from receiving my certification as a sex therapist! I passionate about helping Christians enjoy a fulfilling marriage and fully believe that God can restore those that experience pain in their sexual intimacy. I have proof from others I’ve worked with and from my own experiences.

I started working with couples during my training for my doctorate degree and began to realize the need that couples (and often times, each individual in the couple relationship) had for healing in their sexual intimacy. For some, the need for healing came from past baggage or faulty teachings, while for others, their hurts were wrapped up in past or current pain in their marriage.

While working on my doctorate, I also began working toward my certification as a sex therapist through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists and gained training for providing Christian-based sex education through the Christian Association of Sexual Educators. Right now, I’m involved in a project with Dr. Rosenau, author of Celebration of Sex, to teach teens how to enjoy their relationships and realize that they can make good decisions regarding sexuality. I’m also on the advisory board at Millennials for Marriage – a group that aims to encourage millennials to be equipped for marriage.
I’ve been married to my best friend since July of 2009. We always tell people that we’ve had several good years and 1-2 that were pretty bad. Since we spent the early years of our marriage with one or both of us in school, we had to learn early on how to make fun and quality time together a priority. One of our favorite ways to connect is over coffee and a good book, but we also love movies and aim to travel more as time allows.