Becoming One: Our Premium Program for Increasing Marital Intimacy

We help Christian couples go from simply believing that sex is a gift from God to finally experiencing the goodness of that gift.

Discover the Exact, Step-by-Step Process For Fully Enjoying the Good Gift of Marital Intimacy

Without a bunch of rules about how often you should be having sex

“Believe it, married sex is well worth the wait!”

“Marriage is great! You get to have sex All. The. Time.”

“Married sex is the BEST sex!”

“When you really love each other, good sex is a natural byproduct.”

You’ve heard these promises, right?

There’s this expectation that if you do things right, God will be somewhat obligated to give you an exciting, fiery sex life that you both deeply enjoy. And on the other side of that, if you don’t do right before marriage…well…let’s just say once you’ve made your bed you gotta lay in it. 

But you know what?
All of those “promises” are completely off base!

Sadly, not only are those myths easy to buy into; it’s not always easy to find good help when you realize they’re not true.

You’ve probably already tried the following:


    • You’ve gone to a marriage therapist only to find that their best advice was to “go home and have sex.”
    • You’ve tried to read a few books together, but you end up feeling more certain that things can’t improve instead of feeling hopeful that you’re on the right track.
    • Maybe you’ve even listened to some great podcasts or webinars, but can’t figure out how to actually apply all the tips they give.

It’s almost unbelievable how many Christian couples have been in exactly this same situation.

Hey there.

I’m Dr. Jessica and I am on a mission to let Christian couples know that they really can have an enjoyable sex life. I’m certain of it!

I’ve been helping Christian couples improve their marital intimacy since 2009.  Additionally, I have personal experience of feeling broken, uncared for, and just generally unhappy with our sex lives early in marriage but can now celebrate the fact that I look forward to our times of intimacy!

I’ve got good news!

What I’m about to tell you just might be the answer to all of those prayers you’ve been praying.

My signature program utilizes the Yada Method™, which I designed specifically for the Christian couple looking to enhance their marital intimacy.

Yada is a  Hebrew word found over 900 times in the Old Testament. This word is deep and complex, but simply speaking, it describes an intimate and experiential knowledge of the other. You can see examples of this word in Psalm 139 every time the word “know” is mentioned. It’s this beautiful picture of a deep understanding and care from God to us and it’s the same word that is used in Genesis 4 when Adam “knew” Eve. 

That deep knowing that every couple longs for on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level is the heart of the Yada Method™ and it’s my hope and expectation for you.

I’ve combined my training as a psychologist and a Christian sex therapist with my years of experience of working directly with couples to improve their sex lives from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective to bring you the Yada Method™. I’ve taken all of the important and helpful pieces of sex therapy and created an easy to access, self-paced program like none you’ve ever seen. Finally, there’s help for the couple who wants a Christ-reflective method that respects the scientific approach typically found in a psychologist’s office.


Becoming One

A premium program designed to give you ALL of the tools you need to increase your pleasure and your emotional connection so you can finally feel like God really did give you that fun and exciting gift of sex.

Here are the six modules and what each one covers:

Setting Your Sexpectations

In Module 1, you’ll go from wanting to work on your sex life to actually having the tools to meet your goals. 

Developing Your Sexual Terminology

With Module 2, you learn how to speak a sexual language that is life-giving instead of one that brings tension or conflict.

Sex is Physical

Module 3 will take you from believing that something is broken in your body, to celebrating that you know how your body works and how to work it. 

Sex Is Emotional

In Module 4, you learn how to facilitate an emotional connection, you’ll go from feeling like sex is an obligation to actually looking forward to the next time you get to make love to your spouse. 

Sex Is Spiritual

Module 5 will help you go from just having the head knowledge that sex is a gift from God, to actually experiencing satisfying sex that fulfills the “two become one” promise.

It's Foreplay, Not Snoreplay

In Module 6, you’ll go from rushing through foreplay like it’s a necessary evil to finally enjoying touch as the bridge to sexual enjoyment. 

Dr. McCleese is not only incredibly professional, but she integrates faith in everything she does. At Millenials For Marriage, I refer followers to her who are struggling with sexual issues within their marriage. Her practical tips, combined with science and a Biblical worldview helps couples across the country strengthen their marriage so that may live happily ever after.

Dr. Jenn Murff

President of Millenials for Marriage

Here’s what else you’ll get:

This is a comprehensive approach to working on your marital intimacy!

You’ll get the benefits of a self-paced e-course along with the combined benefit of individual coaching and group community support.


Personalized Feedback Session

You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire that Dr. McCleese will personally review. She’ll provide specific feedback based on your responses.


Text Message Support

Having difficulty with any of the content or just hit a bit of a bump in the road? No worries. You’ll have access to Dr. McCleese through voice and text messaging.


Special Lessons Specific to You

I just can’t give up the individualized approach of counseling, so you’ll get specific lesson content based on your intro paperwork and main concern.

Coaching With a Sex Therapist

Dr. McCleese is one of less than 200 Certified Christian Sex Therapists and you’ll work directly with her during 4 30-minute sessions.


Weekly Group Coaching

We have weekly group coaching sessions to go deeper with the material and offer you even more support. You can submit questions live or anonymously.


12 Months of Access to Modules

We guarantee a minimum of 12 months of access to the materials with no new charges even when we add new content.


Here are some of the most common, frequently asked questions. Click the down arrow to learn more.

What type of couple benefits from this?
What type of couple benefits from this?

I like to say you need to have the “three C’s” to benefit from this.

Christian: I believe with all of my heart that true healing only comes when we seek the Lord in this process. That doesn’t mean I’m “preaching to you” in any of these modules. But, we will practice being Christ-like in this journey and these modules will reflect that teaching throughout. 

Committed: This program is only going to be helpful if you’re both fully committed to your relationship and to improving your marital intimacy. 

Connected: We’re definitely going to be talking about developing a deeper level of connection, but you should feel more connected than “roommates.” Basically, you should have a general liking for one another.  

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Is this an individual or group program?
Is this an individual or group program?

It’s a combination of both. Your coaching sessions will be just you and your spouse with Dr. McCleese. 

There’s also a group chat function (if you want to use it) where you can get advice from a community of believers here for the same reason as you. 

Our weekly Q&A is also in a group webinar format. This is why you have the option of sharing your questions privately or in the moment. Whichever you prefer. 

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How do I access the content?
How do I access the content?

Once you enroll, I’ll add you to the program. You’ll get an email confirmation with your username and password and you can use that to jump right in to the content.

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What are my next steps if I'm interested?
What are my next steps if I'm interested?

Wanna jump on in? Yea!

Once you’re ready, you can click on any of the “Get Started” buttons to schedule a call. We’ll talk through any questions you have and I’ll get you started ASAP if you’re ready to dive in. 

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Sexual brokenness is rampant, even in Christian marriages. That's why Dr. McCleese is consistently voted as a favorite guest speaker for our women's outreach ministry. She skillfully explains God's design for intimacy in marriage and discerningly answers questions from our audience based on solid Biblical teaching informed by scientific research. She is grounded in God's Word and filled with practical insight. Dr. McCleese's ability to educate and help others communicate in regard to such a vulnerable and complex topic is a rare gift and valuable resource for any one looking for hope and healing for their marriage.
Tiffany Dalrymple
MOPS Steering Team Member

The “I’m finally getting the help I need” Guarantee.

Since your benefits from this program come from coaching sessions with Dr. McCleese (both as an individual couple and weekly Q&As) and the access you get to her proprietary content, we simply can’t give any refunds.

But here’s what we can guarantee you. If you go through the application process and we determine that you’re a good fit for this program, and if you follow the program as outlined, you are going to be able to say, “I’m finally getting the help I’ve been needing.” And we can hardly wait to see that happen!

Ready to stop just hoping you can have great sex and finally start doing it?

I can’t wait to give you the tools you need to spice up your marriage!

Yes, you’ll love the modules…

…but you’ll really love these other marriage benefits!

Wake up your desire to have sex again more than just once every six months.

Revive the chemistry & connection you felt when you first knew you wanted to marry your spouse. 

Love your body and feel like you can “let go” again in the bedroom and have uninhibited sex.
Rediscover the enjoyment and rush of pleasure from touching again.

Empower yourselves to feel like you can safely manage expectations about sex.

Communicate much more freely and respectfully about sex and “sexy time” in a way that connects.

How will you both feel when you’re finally enjoying your marriage bed?

I want you to go through this program and leave feeling like you can make love again.
Apply, and let’s get started!