Fully Well Webinars

Have you got about an hour to work on your marriage and intimacy? Webinars are an excellent way to do that. This page will link you to all of our pre-recorded webinars and give you the opportunity to be updated when we have new webinars available. Enjoy!

How a Christ-Focused Marriage Helps You Keep Sex in the Relationship and the Relationship in Sex.

Join Dr. Jessica McCleese of Fully Well and Dr. Christine Bacon of Breakfast with Bacon as they teach listeners how to have a fulfilling sex life. They’ll be teaching you practical tips for keeping sex in your relationship and your relationship in your sex life. You don’t want to miss this! Register today!

Purity Culture, Marriage, And Sex: Where Did It Go Wrong?

Join Dr. Jessica McCleese and Dr. Camden Morgante (expert in purity culture) as they talk about the faulty teachings that were a result of the Purity Movement and how to experience healing in your sexual intimacy.

Healing Through Love: Improving Intimacy When Impacted By Past Trauma

In this webinar, Dr. Jessica talks with Doctoral Candidate, Taylor Doughtie, about the impact past trauma can have on your marriage and intimacy and offers several practical solutios to lower it’s negative impact.

Let's Talk About Talking Dirty

Join Dr. Jessica and Julie Parker of Hot, Holy, and Humorous as they share tips for learning to talk dirty in a holy and respectful way. You don’t want to miss this fun episode because we’ll teach you how to incorporate some holy dirty talk in your marriage bed.

Relationship Saving Treatment Options for Sexual pain

Pelvic Floor Therapist, Tiffany Cara, joins Dr. Jessica to talk with you about treatment options for sexual pain so can work toward enjoying your sexual intimacy again.

Together While Separated: Staying Intimate During Deployment

Join Dr. Jessica McCleese and Licensed Professional Counselor, Jessica Rodriguez as we share practical tips for creating an intimate marriage even during times of deployment.

3 Ways the Church Gets Sex Wrong and How you Can Get It Right!

Julie Siebert of Intimacy in Marriage joins Dr. Jessica McCleese to talk with you about ways to re-write negative church teachings and fully embrace the gift of sex in your marriage.

YourNegative Teaching About Sex: How It's Hurt Your Marriage and What To Do About It.

J. Parker from Hot, Holy, Humourous joins Dr. McCleese for a fun (and funny) conversation about overcoming negative teachings about sex. You’ll see right away why these two enjoy doing webinars together.

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